Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Queen-right is a good sight!

I have a peculiar way of "doing business"....I lost all three colonies over the past season, but bought a new hive to begin this year with 4... My husband asked me this question: "Aren't you supposed to learn how to do this right, before you expand the operation?" When I think of how much sense that makes, I wonder to myself....why? Why did I get another hive.....plus an extra deep (so perhaps, one of my colonies will be so awesome I'll run one with a double deep). What is so compelling that I would spend this money in these tight times? What makes it worth it? It's not for the money I get from selling honey.....it's not because I have nothing else to do.....it's not because it is a hobby I know everything about! I think it has something to do with the wonder of Mother Nature. The sweet way honeybees work together to serve a common purpose. I am fascinated just watching the activity on the landing board...and imagining what's going on in secret between the man-made frames inside. I'm installing a new colony in my backyard this weekend. I've checked with my neighbors and they don't mind...a couple even want to watch me!! I have a beekeeper friend who gave me a split a few weeks ago. I checked on my newly accepted queen yesterday, and she is a laying racehorse.....is it OK to talk about a honeybee that way?? She had at least 4 frames of capped brood, eggs, larvae , the whole works. I'm excited. Hopefully the 3 new packages coming this weekend will get as good a start, and then we'll have rain and nectar this year!! Queen-right just feels so good!! Till next time, Bee kind! Kb