Saturday, December 10, 2011

First "dead-out" leaves me puzzled

.....and sad.....I can't believe my strongest colony is no more. I went out to feed the bees for the first time(they had plenty stored away) and found one of my hives my heart felt when I lifted the medium super of pollen and honey and found no bees... Gone. Was it the queen who was so strong just 2 weeks ago? Was it the workers who decided enough is enough? I only hope they all took off to some hollow tree somewhere, to live through winter. I realize the bees do not answer to me, but I was hoping for this colony to remain strong......guess I'll just hold off getting my 4th hive till 2013. On a brighter note, Merry Christmas y'all. Bee thankful, Kb

Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's here!!!!

It's been a lovely weekend.
Almost frost on the pumpkin Friday morning....first fire in the fireplace and home-made Brunswick stew...and Then, today, mid-seventies, with the most gorgeous autummmmmn sky.  I close my eyes and breathe in the season...mmmmm

OK...back to reality.

 Harvested the honey this weekend...(my first ever!!)
did ya hear that?

Harvested the honey this weekend!!!

Thankful for the electric decapping removes the caps from the honey cells to allow the honey to flow fly out. The honey flies out, because we spin it around in an extractor at the speed of sound  a very fast rate, and by centrifugal force, the honey spins out into a huge "tub'...sort of....anyway, I should have taken a picture of the manual extractor at work...we had a 'slanging' good time.
After the honey exited the extractor, through a double veryfinesieve, it fell into a bucket with a "honey gate"...I especially like the honey-gate.
It's kinda too late to get into all that, since I have to be at work in a quick 7.5 hours!!

from the flower //to the bee //to the hive---from the the the this bucket
to the bottle to the tongue of grateful souls!! ;0)

DD gets in on the action. His help is invaluable!!

Very thankful for the harvest, albeit a small one.  More thankful for so many other blessings.
It's been a lovely weekend!!

bee kind to one another!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Honey do ya' love me?

Today I harvested my FIRST 'crop' of super... nine frames.....and I am so excited! It is still in the 5-gallon bucket, but it is the sweetest honey I have ever tasted.  The 'oldies' all told me it would be that way...that there is no honey like your own.
We have had an incredibly dry, hot two summers in this neck of the woods.  I get such pleasure out of merely taking care of the bees, that I wasn't expecting to get honey at all this year. I  discovered laying workers a week and a half ago, so I combined that deep with the one next to it, (with the newspaper layer beteen the 2 deeps)hoping they will survive the winter, to be split in the Spring...just need a good queen...
I also have a nuc with 4.5 frames of bees that I am hoping will survive the winter--if all goes well, there will be 4 colonies in the Spring and I hope--with God's provision of enough rain and flowers--to have at least 4 supers of honey next September....
I am ALSO hoping to get "BLOGGER LESSONS" from one of my children, so I can post the really nice photos of my adventures.  Everytime I try to put a photo on the site, it 'jumps' to the beginning of the post....

Does anyone know where I can get honey labels custom made?  I am not your ordinary sort of person, so I don't want just an ordinary honey label!! (lol)

I've just discovered there is something sticky on my wrist ...  and forearm....and chin.....  Guess I'd better go clean up a bit!!
bee kind to one another!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yep-I said it...w i n e.....

OK_ so what do bees and wine have to do with one another?
Bees like grapevines, and I like wine... and bees....(heehee).
Another way to put it is "the more bees you have visiting the grapevine, the more grapes there will be; the more grapes, the more wine...get it????

So tonight my hubby and i started "brewing" some wine from the grapes at the beeyard. We didn't use our feet, mainly because we didn't have a vat...but we did get those grapes popped and all mixed up with the sugar and yeast....we'll see how THAT venture goes.

Ought to be ready to bottle by the next full moon.....

;0) I feel a camping trip in the making!! ;0)

till next time, bee kind!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Honey Collecting Time!!!

Today I harvested my FIRST 'crop' of super... nine frames.....and I am so excited! It is still in the 5-gallon bucket, but it is the sweetest honey I have ever tasted.  The 'oldies' all told me it would be that way...that there is no honey like your own.
We have had an incredibly dry, hot two summers in this neck of the woods.  I get such pleasure out of merely taking care of the bees, that I wasn't expecting to get honey at all this year. I  discovered laying workers a week and a half ago, so I combined that deep with the one next to it, (with the newspaper layer beteen the 2 deeps)hoping they will survive the winter, to be split in the Spring...just need a good queen...
I also have a nuc with 4.5 frames of bees that I am hoping will survive the winter--if all goes well, there will be 4 colonies in the Spring and I hope--with God's provision of enough rain and flowers--to have at least 4 supers of honey next September....
I am ALSO hoping to get "BLOGGER LESSONS" from one of my children, so I can post the really nice photos of my adventures.  Everytime I try to put a photo on the site, it 'jumps' to the beginning of the post....

Does anyone know where I can get honey labels custom made?  I am not your ordinary sort of person, so I don't want just an ordinary honey label!! (lol)

I've just discovered there is something sticky on my wrist ...  and forearm....and chin.....  Guess I'd better go clean up a bit!!
bee kind to one another!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My how time flies!!!

The month of August is almost over, and I have 3 (three) active bee will *most likely* yield enough honey this year to sell (and/or share) so I can keep this cycle going.....

All 3 hives are "queen-right" and I am looking forward to the Georgia Beekeepers Association meeting soon...just can't get enough!! Hopefully, I will remember to take my camera next time I am in my hives,so Ican post photos.
I hope all is well with YOU!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's that time of year!

Oh how I love the springtime..."for lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers have alread appeared in the land; the time has arrived for pruning the vines, and the voice of the turtledove has been heard in our land...."(from the Song of Solomon!!!)

It has been so beautiful here. The honeybees are out and about taking in their share of the nectar and pollen.

The first day of Spring brought a new grandbaby's song and the day before that brought a beautiful full moon to celebrate the elder grandaughter's birthday!!

I took pictures just after midnight and 19 hours later, so hopefully, I can post "Pixie's" moon, like I told her I would last month!!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Disco Inferno

Part of managing....ahem..... a farm, means we keep the grounds 'tidy' (haha). We "lit up" the pile of pine tree tops that the ice claimed earlier in the winter.... That flame lashed higher than the old house that watched close by.....

A 'managed' burn is 'good' for the forrest....and the farm! My brave hubby loves to burn off the land. I would guess he burned 95% of the 56 acres we enjoy so much. During some of that 'burning' I drove ahead in the Mule while he poured the fire out on the ground..carefully 'dropping' the burn lines so that they would meet each other, and not get out of control. When he needed more fuel, he got it out of the back of the mule...I dutifully took pictures...lots of them.
Fire is so powerful. I was mesmerized by the flames and the behavior of the fire. I wondered who first connected the words "fire " and "passion".......why do we cheer "get---fired---up--".
there is no fire without fuel.....
then I wonder .....what does being "on fire for the Lord" look like in every day life?
It's time I stoke THAT fire!! ;0)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

treinta--treinta--ha ha ha ha-- ha ha!

Well, can you believe I ALMOST forgot to post day 30?

But, alas, here it is. I hope you have enjoyed checking in each day to see what shenanigans I could be up to...and ....once again, nothing new here.

I stayed home from work today because they called me out at 0530....not enough patients...I am the most patient person in the world, but I don't get to go to work because of no patients...go figure!!

I opened this blog on day one, in hopes to keep it as a journal for the beekeeping venture I have undertaken. I think I will revert to that now that I have passed the 30-day challenge......yep-I'm

s l o w and patient...

I was able to complete ONE of the started projects today> will be sending the euro's in the mail soon!! (covers, anyway--we'll talk re: the actual pillows!!)

I have to memorize the Robert's Rules of Order (only a small portion, thank goodnes!!) for the bee meeting tomorrow night...I'm the prez and we have business to conduct!!

The bees will be thawing out and flying about again soon!!

ya gotta love it!!

Until next time--which may or may not be tomorrow night--

bee happy!!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

veinte y nueve

too tired to a matter of fact, hubby woke me up to remind me to......just 'cause I'm so close to thirty....
thanks hubby!!
good night!!


Monday, February 7, 2011

veinte y ocho!!! It's another day, already!!

Last week, I said I would post "something" on another day--and what do ya know--it's another day and I am quoting ver batim:

I watched about a five-minute segment of a TV show called "The Closer" last night.
My hubby was watching it and I paused in the room long enough to realize it was a show that featured a southern lawyer, closing a case...more or less. Her lines were funny, and I liked that little piece.

Today finds me "cleaning out" the sewing closet. I use the word 'cleaning' loosely, since there is NO real cleaning involved...mostly just clearing, or better yet 'going through' lots of old stuff and moving that old stuff to another area of the closet...but there is SOME actual throwing away of old things (although I am much too sentimental to throw away too much...)

Anyway, I found a few (OK-several) projects that are started, but not finished. I will finish them one day, perhaps. I want them to be finished. I want to see them finished so other folks can say "wow--you made THIS??? It is really nice"...but, as I get older and older, I realize there will come a day when I have started more projects than my life has time to finish. My children (God bless them) will have to decide what in the world is this? Or what was it going to be? and they will (most likely) toss my started projects in the trash.

Wouldn't it be neat if there was a business out there that would take unfinished projects and complete them? For a nuclear-split-second I thought I could do that for other folks as a gift...but alas, I can't even finish my OWN projects. What makes me think I would finish anyone else's? I think this 'not-finishing-what-you-started' disease is hereditary. My own mother recently gave me a bag full of yarn, twelve pairs of knitting needles, and 2 unfinished projects--because she knew I could knit (and she wisely does not.) Seems a 'friend' of hers had a relative die. That relative did not finish 2 knitting projects. My mother (the middle man in this business) passed this kit on to a kindness...of some sort.

I gladly took the yarn and needles...such potential...

Now I am bringing this all together...

I am not "The Closer". You are not "The Closer". Neither my mother nor Kyra Sedgwick is "The Closer". The real Closer is Almightly God...Alpha & Omega...beginning and the end. He does not throw anything I've done or will do in the trash. He loves me and guards me. I am reminded of Jeremiah 29:11, which states "I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord--plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you a hope and a future." What potential!!!

I will gently work on projects I have started. I may or may not finish them all, but one project I know will not be completed until I die is my journey to know God and His Som, Jesus Christ better everyday. I expect this project will be trashed by some, and hopefully "taken up" by others.

Wow-- I've really veered off from the "cleaning-out-of-the-sewing-closet" project.
Guess I better finish now..ha-ha..makes me laugh out loud!!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

veinte y siete: home again, home again...

The super bowl of them all is on right now...of football, that is....

As anyone with a TV knows, the championship football game for professional football teams is called the "super bowl." I probably have watched a total of 3/4 of a pro game this entire season...not even the same games...just 3/4 of one...but I am more in tune tonight (I can hear them playing in the other room!) I run in and look at the TV commercials because supposedly, they are new, and clever.

I am particularly fond of one for Silverado: The daddy rescues his son Tommy from a deep well, volcano, even the belly of a using his is so cute, and having had two sons, AND two grandsons (so far), just makes me smile!! ;0) (...if only life was THAT easy!!)

anyhoo, I did another crazy thing today--I bought ANOTHER pattern for a quilt...I am going to make it entirely out of fabric I already have here at the house...I could probably make two or three of these from fabric I already have here at the house....but there are several projects ahead of items for wee b's room!!!......shams for my daughter......

I KNOW you thought I forgot. They will be done NEXT. Did you want Euros or 'so-called' regular shams? talk to you later!!

..getting ready for work tomorrow> then I will know who the Super Bowl Champs are...and baseball is right around the corner...YIPPEE!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

veinte y seis

when one asks, "is 'i-n-f-a-m-y' the way to spell 'infamy'?", just know it has been quite a day...quite a good day.

'Perspective' is so relevant , i just have to remind myself: When you hold a rock right in front of your eye, it blocks out everything else; when you hold a rock at arm's length, it is fairly prominent; when you put the rock on the ground, where if belongs, you are able to see the beauty--rock included--of all around.

what a sweet day....

sweet dreams!!


Friday, February 4, 2011

numero veinte y cinco

veinte y cinco....veinte y cinco

again, I am leaving town TODAY.....(soon)...
I might not be able to post tomorrow.....25...25...25....

so you know if a crazy "title-only" post comes up tomorrow, that's why....

I got one of those emails that reminds me "if you've seen the email a hundred times, you must be getting old". Well, The end of this particular email--sent to try to make you feel guilty about something---simply states

"You might not remember exactly what was said, but you will always remember how they make you feel", or something to that effect.

Anyway, wouldn't it be a nice practice to purpose to make someone feel good today...everyday....only with something TRUE, though!!

I remember the look on one of the 'environmental services' ladie's face when I asked her her name. I said if we are working together, I want to know your name. She looked shocked at first, then told me her name, and now I greet her by name every time I see her... friends...kinda.... sorta.

We are all made in His image. The race is in trying to ... not just 'act' like Him, but to make His ways, His heart, become ours.

woo--gotta run!!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Numero veinte y cuatro: what a hoot!

I have just about figured out I am a night owl. So, I'm trying to catch up on the ironing, watching David Letterman and had a sudden panic attack that the day might have slipped past without a post from me. I am sooooooooo close to completing the 30-day challenge. Albeit slightly later than teh others who completed "on time". I'll just stick with "it's five o'clock somewhere" and hope yall know what that means!! (In other words, try to stretch out THAT train of thought to understand!!) ;0)

I bought another bee hive today. I have a friend who is going to sell me a package of bees, and I will be ready for them.

My clock is striking midnight now, and I am just going to smile and finish this post......(note start time!!)

In my case, I wonder if being a night owl really just means I am a procrastinator--waiting till the last minute to finish things, and the last minute just so happens to coincide with the middle of the night. HMMMM; worth pondering.

I have plenty of unfinished things around here. I have a cathedral quilt I started many years ago (I do plan to finish it > one day!)

I have a couple {hundred} other sewing projects, 20 lemons in the fridge with which to make lemon cello, a cardboard box full of news clippings to make scrapbooks for my chidren (uh..doubt THAT will materialize), and 'beellions and beellions' ov ottu fings I vant to do......smiling all the way.

One day [Aug. 4th, 2009] I wrote a little piece somewhat related to the 'unfinished business' thought-stream.....I found it in my documents (who would have ever thought it?)

I am not able to copy and paste to my blog, but I will re-write (copy) for you to see...but it will be on another day!!

Sweet dreams, yall


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

numero veinte y tres

.....nothing more to say about that...........

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

numero veinte y dos

I am downloading files to is taking so long, that I won't be able to see the results until tomorrow night. So, I won't be able to share till then....

I smiled 'so big' when I was informed an album had successfully downloaded...only to realize it was a file from 2009, mistakenly chosen.............

So now I can barely hold my head s l e e p y. . . .

d r i f t i n g ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ` ` `d r i f t i n g

(you know the feeling...........)

goo d n i

Monday, January 31, 2011

numero veinte y uno!

"A horse is a horse of course of course, unless of course the horse of course, is the famous Mr. Ed..."

I doubt that any of you have instant recall of where that little ditty came from.

How about this one?

"Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy...a kid'll eat ivy too, wouldn't you?"

I cannot read either of those lines without singing them....isn't it funny how music evokes memories?

I started crying Sunday morning when I heard "Peace Like A river" (for the umpteenth time) was the "When peace like a river attendeth my way....." one, not the "I've got peace like a river, I've got peace like a river, I've got peace like a river in my soul...." one. I would be willing to bet a Krispy Kreme dough-nut you sang those two songs as your read them....

...or you are thinking..."that's not 'Peace Like a River'", it is "It is Well with my soul"...

well, whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say, it is is well, with my soul.

sweet dreams, yall ;0)


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Numero Veinte!

Yes, I know I put the wrong "numero" on the title of the last was STILL my 19th post, and I am STILL (Lord-willing) going to make it to thirty.......thirty consecutive posts.

Then what? Who will mail me my trophy? Where will my certificate be printed, and which bank will I draw the prize money from?


No prize?

I am two-thirds the way through this game, and there is NO PRIZE?

ok ok ok

The prize will be that I actually accomplished something. I accomplish something every day, though. Why will posting 30 days in a row make me feel better than the myriad of other items I accomplish each day? (or will it? and if not, why am I doing it?)

So many questions. It would seem the older one gets, the less questions and MORE answers one has; I just have more and more

When will baby "B" be here? I want to see his/her sweet little face and feel his/her breath on my nose!! ;0)

Why was there only one dinner plate in my FULL dishwasher when I unloaded it last Friday night?

When is someone going to pick up the BBQ grills we put in the alley?

Why am I so fascinated by the phases of the moon? (9% Full tonight...waning crescent)

Where deos the red-tailed hawk (that we see every time we pull into Dry Creek Farm) live?

Who invented the chiming clock?

Why do I love to sew? take pictures? camp out?

What makes some people so negative and others so positive?

Does God call ALL of us? everyone? What makes some hear Him, and others not know how much He REALLY loves? Why can't/don't we all see?

Oh well. Time to call it a night.

Getting ready for another 3-in-a-row-12-hour-shift-days....

thank you Lord for a job I love.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

numero to see the wizard!

not really....

Off to have a warm-sun-run-and-have-fun kind of day...

It's 70 degrees!!!

I was able to visit my sweet Italians this morning, both colonies doing well, and graciously thanked me for the extra sugar syrup.

"Don't bother" I told them...just repay with honey in the fall!!

Hope your Saturday is a sweet adn smiley sort of day!!


Friday, January 28, 2011

diez y ocho: ooops!!

I have been having so much fun looking at the Potery Barns' line of 'bee beeding' that I ALMOST let the day slip by without a post.

STILL I don't have much to say. I remember the year I stopped watching much TV. I stopped because someone in my house becme the proud owner of a television WITH a remote control...that pretty well ended my sitting in front of the TV for 2.5 hours every night after supper. I would get interested in a story line and teh "remo-man" woudl change teh station....again and again....

I knew then the TV wasn't worth spending my time in front of it. (Is THAT gramatically correct?)
Time is too precious to be spent in front of the TV.

Now there is a huge TV sharing a room with the pool table...complete with remote!!
I hear the clock striking midnight adn I am running like Cinderella!!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

diez y siete....I am tired

A day in the life of this nurse:

alarm clock chiming too early

beautiful babies coming into the world

breakfast for lunch and cereal for supper

difference in day and night


the coffee pot set to go
remembering to set the alarm for another day in the life...............

loving the memory foam

sweet dreams

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

numero diez y seis

whoa....I cannot remember the last time I had 2...two...margaritas....before tonight, that is!!

How do I post anything interesting after working a 12-hour shift,then going out to eat with friends...only margaritas to sweet water.

I cannot believe what is funny when in the company of Margaritas....and friends.....

Laughter doeth the heart good, like merry medicine.


long over due.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

numero quince: half-way there if the last 2 days may count?

Well, here is the REAL story--why the last two days' posts are only in the subject matter: I had no computer access, and could only use a cell phone.

Not MY cell phone, but 2 different cell phones....except ONE of the cell phones is very smart...very...very even knew there should be an accent in one of the words...

How can a phone be so smart as to know (without my ever explaining to it) there should be an to K's smart phone--the "K" not being me, either!!

It was a quick trip to the ATL that afforded me the opportunity to love on Cham-Cham, instead of post a meaningless blog from home. I'll trade that, any day? Wouldn't you?

I'm hoping to make it to the other "A-town" before too long. Missing my peeps!!

that's all for now!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

numero doce

Well, the pistacio pudding is all gone now....the last of the dessert from dinner last night.
Good friends, home-made Brunswick stew and smiles make for happy times.
I am thankful for neighbors!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

numero once......

So many good coals left in the fireplace, but not enough night left to enjoy them....

.................................we'll just put another log on the fire anyway and see what the night brings...........

I hear the fire crackling from here.

Good thing we don't have t go to work tmorrow!!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

numero diez........Lo recomiendo a todos!!

oooo lala
a one hour massage is
vedi vedi nize......

I feel like I should be speaking a different language when i say that, because I was definitely in another world for about 56 minutes this morning.

It started on my back and worked its way around to my shoulders and way of the arms, legs, feet and fingers, mind was a gift of touch, so 'just right' that I almost cried at one point.

The music was so soothing--I could have lay there just listening, soaking in the candlelight and smooth tones of guitar and piano one moment, soft horn and keyboards the next, music swelling and retreating in cadence with the 'gift'.

Then it was over. I didn't want to move. I dreamed of having a massage table somewhere in my how could the ironing board be turned into a massage table, or better yet---how many empty coffee containers would it take to make one? ;0)

the clocks strike ten....the fridge hums......the keyboard chatters away, all telling me it is time to go to sleep.....

good thing coffee containers don't talk!! ;0)


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

numero nueve

thirty consecutive posts.....I never knew I was so dull.......

tomorrow I "cash in" on a birthday gift from last summer....a one-hour massage....

I've never had a one-hour massage. I think I would like to listen to my ipod...

I KNEW after 3-12's, the massage would be nice....I'll let you know on numero diez


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Numero Ocho...or is it oucho?

I am curious about what we are going to do with so many empty plastic coffee containers. I "saved" them at first because I can't stand just throwing away perfectly good containers...but folks...I drink alot of coffee and have no shortage of coffee containers.

I have sent them out to the "man cave" my husband calls his "little house". The red plastic containers hold screws and wire and various other hardware items that he can always seem to find just when he needs them.

I have been known to line them up to catch the rain dripping off the roof. I have actually held the containers under the rain spout to catch the water and dump the water into larger buckets. This way, I can pretend I'm saving the world, by saving the water!! There are 2 buckets and a red container of water still under the carport...waiting for a dry day in the springtime...

In the mean time, I'm still drinking coffee, and toting the red containers to the farm, so we can catch rain water there--and hold spare nails and pick up little pieces of rusted metal from the earth, when I see it. I know one day I'll have so many coffee containers I'll be thinking, "what can I build with these"??? Can I build a bridge? Can I build a 'teepee'? Can I build a tree house?

If you ever get a package in the mail, and it has a peculiarly round shape--say--like a coffee container, don't be afraid of it. Just close your eyes---hold it close to your face--take in a deep breath and know you too will soon have your own special arabica-fragranced all purpose container!

Yep--I love you that much and more!! more '12' for this week!!....


Monday, January 17, 2011

numero siete

Yall know I am going to get good at this if you keep helping me!!

So this will be the experiment of the night...if this blog just STOPS mid-thought, it is because I just tried and tried and got too tired to is post nombre de sept.

All I am sayin' is give peace a chance........beatles.........beees...........get it?

ok...after 25 minutes..i'm quitting now.....I'll practice another day when I don't have to go to work so early in the morning.":(

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Numero seis

First: JMB--you're a genius!! I did not even KNOW about the page that would save my the one I started last night did not POOF into thin air after all...and I thank you!

Second: I am not going to post it--I'll just put it in the freezer till I don't have time, then pull it out--nuke it--and voila--stay on task!! ;0) (If you followed that, well, GOOD JOB!!)

Yall teach me another thing, willl you? Yall post links on your blogs--like nbg just put "mom" and you could highlight "mom" and it would be a direct link to MY do yall do that?

I was gonna comment on the really neat web-site I found with gobbbbbzzzz of bee-realted stuff, but I only know how to put the link on here..I WANTED to put the cute.."give bees a chance" on the blog, but don't know how.

So..tutorial pleeez!!

In the mean time, check out the site--and ooooo and aaaahhhhh the cutest "peace" mug there is!!

Give Bees a Chance Mug > Give Bees a Chance > BeeGeek Online Store


Saturday, January 15, 2011

numero cinco

well, I am not believeing this.....

I have just spent 20 minutes writing.....typing...keyboarding a post about resolutions and such, and must have 'hit the wrong' key....looked up on the computer screen and saw a note to me asking if I wanted to navigate from this page....startled...I hit cancel....thinking I would resume the aforementioned text and complete a splendid--just-in-time post, when it all disappeared.

I'm thinking...guess nobody needed to hear all that anyway...just as no one needs to hear this either!

Just the same, I've made it 5 days in a row now....

Happy Saturday!!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Numero Cuatro!

Numero Cuatro will never be the same, since Cuatro is the name my unborn 5th grandchild had till we could see 'she' was a 'she'--at delivery!! Now she has a much niftier name.... ;0) and lots of hair too!!

Once again, after a 12- hour shift, not much to divulge...except maybe that I'm super-excited that there is so much interest in a bee keeper's club in our area!! We had over 30 people show up and more emailed me today after the front-page newspaper article came out!! ;0) Nice...

Have a sweet evening.

I'm beat!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Numero Tres

I am having an ocular migraine as I 'keyboard' this...(I'm saying keyboard because I don't know if it is correct to use the term 'typing' when there are no more typewriters around.)

If you have never had an ocular migraine, let me try to describe it to you.

There is no pain at all. I know it is about to start when I am missing a part of my field of vision. When we got home from the beekeepers meeting, I noticed I could not read one of the headlines in the newspaper because some letters were 'whited out' as if a cloud was moving over the page...everywhere I turned my head, a blob of white occluded a part of the words...then it started to grow, except the white turned into a 'band of vibrant fluorescent colors-like that of a merited soldier's bar just above the pocket. the colors dance and vibrate in my field of vision and it is QUITE disconcerting.

I ate my bowl of granola with my eyes closed...closing my eyes does NOT 'do away' with the band of colors gyrating . Closing my eyes just lets me see the colors and the shape of the thing clearly.

The first time this happened to me, I went to the eye doctor who explained that it was an ocular migraine. It lasted a couple of hours. I was at work. It has happened three or four times since then---a span of 13-14 years. One time it only lasted 15 minutes.....

and wouldn't you know it--this one is gone now...lasted only 30 minutes!!


I hope this is as close to an ocular migraine as you ever get!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Numero Dos

Well, the posts after a 12-hour shift are merely posts for posting sakes...not much depth and not much happening.

In other news:

I really hate it when I can't make everybody happy, but that is virtually impossible. So I need to do my reality check, weigh what is the best for the most in the long run, and go with it.

and be thankful in all circumstances

and laugh when it's appropriate and cry likewise

and remember the good

and forgive the rest

and above all else,


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year!!

WOW! How did it get to be 1....11....11.. so fast? I remember as if yesterday, the hope to finish the "30-posts-in-30-days" challenge exteneded by one of my daughters.....

(I said I would start over 1/11/11, thinking I had plenty of time to psyche myself up for it)

post number one:

Did you know Robert's Rules of Order was first published by Henry Martyn Robert, and originally derived from practices in the English Parliament? Me neither...till I started reading the book, prepping for the first Bee Club meeting THIS THURSDAY.

Rowdy group--those beekeepers--


I'm just kidding!!

buzzin' off now!!