Friday, July 6, 2012

Five-minute Frida (see Gypsy Mama!!)

Subject matter for Gypsy mama's five-minute Friday is
If "Every picture tells a story" and "A picture paints a thousand words", i wonder what teh picture of my life is telling....
As I look at the picture of the top of my desk, I see such a collection of things. it tells a story of what we put in front of us, every time we sit here.  Depending on WHO is looking, it could tell a different story.
Transfer that thought to the picture of my life...I am wondering how many different stories it tells , depending on WHO is there enough of a common thread to tell the story I want to be told--or am I so different, that 2 people who do not know each other could swap notes on who they think I am, and agree--yes--that is the person I know her to be...
every life tells a story!!

oops..five minutes up...not enough said!! ;0)