Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The summer really has been a hot one....this morning when I spied on my bees, I found NO queen in one hive--but several queen cells. I took a few of the queen cells out--but left a couple. If there is no queen (no eggs or larvae either) I think I'll just let the workers make their own--like they would do if I were not watching....that hive is not going to make much honey this year anyway. After all, both of my hives started out brand new, no drawn/pulled out comb, so the bees had to work real hard from the start. Maybe next year.....
My mentor says I will probably get something--after all, the golden rod is about to bloom, and with blooms come pollen (ah-choo) nectar and honey...we'll see 'bout that!!
Next year could prove to be profitable, honey-wise. Like my grandaddy used to say "I'm a next-year man my self".

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

OUCH!!! I forgive you!

Well, today was a busy learning day for me. I {treid} to help in the beeyard, after checking my hives....which, by the way, are doing GREAT!! It is terribly hot down here dn a usual, I did not have my gloves on...not because of the heat, but because my bees are very gentle adn have never stung me when I was in their hives....Today though, I forgot to use the frame lifter and pushd a couple bees with the back of my hand when lifting a frame. I did not know I was doing that till they hit me..one on the back of my right hand, and the other on the index finger of my left hand. My finger is so swollen, I cannot bend it all the way. I wish I could upload a picture because then you could testify my hands look funnier than my younger daughter's sunburned hands in San Diego...we'll see what tomorrow brings!!