Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Honeybees in the Backyard

I've been absent from my blogspot for a while--just don't have too much to add to your day...but I am excited about one thing: it is the middle of May, and I have 4 hives that don't need queens.  I hope I am not speaking too soon, but the last time  I looked, all my hives were "queen-right" and happy. I have very calm bees.

One of the hives is in my backyard, where I get to watch them every day, if I so choose, Today, I took pictures of my 'green' hive.  There are 2 reasons I call it my green hive.
1.) It is green in color. I used a green stain that I had leftover from adirondack chairs my neighbor made for us.

Just added the second deep last weekend!

The 'girls' are so busy--see the pollen?

2.)  I call it green because I am treating it a little different than the other 3 hives.  I am not going to use any chemicals at all on this hive....I have one of those annoying oil-filled beetle traps on it instead of that XXXeversopoisonousXXX fiprinol (or something like that).  So, we'll see how that goes.

Pink salvia blooming now!!!

 I have more honey-frames filled on this one at home than my other 3 hives...I think since the neighborhood I live in has mostly irrigated lawns, flower gardens and small vegetable gardens, there is no drought here.  Its awfully dry out where my other hives are. See if you can spot the pollen on one of the bees on the landing board.....also there is pink salvia new to my yard this year...thanks VHB for the seeds!!!

That's all for now......one day I will learn how to format these photos and the text to go with them.

till next time, remember to bee kind!!