Sunday, January 13, 2013

What's Happening...early 2013...

It is almost the middle of January, and the honeybee hives I have "manged" going into the fall are still very full and active.  With unseasonably warm temps, I was allowed to go into each hiave yesterday, and am confirming their strong STRONG presence....even have brood in the hive in my yard.

I removed the queen excluders on 2 of the hives..the ones I left 2 supers of honey on through the winter, and put a pail of sugar-syrup on 2 of the hives.  All bees are bringing in lots of pollen!!

I lost 100% (3hives) of my hives last year, but hopefully am going into Spring with 4 full, happy hives of bees.

Will keep you posted!! ;0)

remember to always be kind...which is only slightly different from being nice....


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